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The reason why healthy antioxidants supplements are so good for you is because they protect your cells from the damage caused by free radicals, and they help repair the cells that have been damaged by free radicals. Free radicals are produced by your cells when they are exposed to oxygen, which results in oxidation. Healthy antioxidants supplements aid your cells in fighting off oxidation, as well as reversing the damaging effect of an oxidized cell.
Antioxidants are special class of micronutrients (the term “micronutrient” means that only miniscule amounts are required to provide essential support for vital metabolic functions). Antioxidants block harmful chemical reactions caused by oxidation – the destructive effect of oxygen and other oxidizing agents on the molecular components of cells.
The term “antioxidant” covers a wide range of nutrients that can work via profoundly different mechanisms. For example, some may react directly with oxidized molecules in the cell, others may protect cells by binding and neutralizing oxidizing minerals in the blood. It is difficult to make blanket recommendations regarding appropriate intake levels of antioxidants from supplements, because requirements can vary widely depending upon age, gender, stress, genetics and more.
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Garlic and Parsley Garlic and Parsley
Our Price: $25.50
Ginkgo (120 mg) Ginkgo (120 mg)
Our Price: $28.50
Alfalfa (550 mg) Alfalfa (550 mg)
Our Price: $29.75
Purway-C (500 mg) Purway-C (500 mg)
Our Price: $30.99
Our Price: $32.75
Lutein (Formula) Lutein (Formula)
Our Price: $36.75
Rhodiola (500 mg) Rhodiola (500 mg)
Our Price: $43.95